May 11, 1811 Birth in Siam to Nok and Ti Eye, ¼ Siamese and ¾ Chinese in origin

1819 The Twins' father and many family members die of cholera

December 18, 1822 Birth of Sarah Yates to Nancy and David Hayes Yates

October 11, 1823 Birth of Adelaide Yates to Nancy and David Yates

1824 Robert Hunter visits twins in their village in Siam

1825 Twins visit King of Siam

1827 Twins sent on goodwill trip abroad

1828 Captain Abel Coffin visits Siam and meets Twins

April 1, 1829 With King's permission, Twins leave Siam with Coffin and Hunter

August 29, 1829 Twins arrive in Boston, hire James Hale, visit New York and Philadelphia

October 1829 Twins depart New York with Hale and Captain and Mrs. Coffin for Great Britain

November 1829 Twins arrive in England, begin 14 month tour and medical exams

January 1831 Depart England for New York, Hunter sells his interest

March 1831 Twins arrive in New York, Coffin turns over business to his wife

1831-1832 Tour Eastern US, Charles Harris replaces Hale

June 1832 Twins become independent and begin touring

October 1839 Twins apply for American citizenship, become farmers

June 1840 Twins complete home in Trap Hill NC, begin using name Bunker

April 13, 1843 Twins marry at age 31

1845 Establish home in Mount Airy so children can be nearer to a school

1857 Divide farm and build a second home for Chang's family, begin 3 days in each home

1860-1868 Spend brief periods with PT Barnum

1868 Mark Twain's essay on the Siamese Twins published

July 1870 Chang has stroke during return trip from Liverpool

January 17, 1874 Death of Eng and Chang

April 29, 1892 Death of Sarah, age 70 (not buried with Twins)

May 21, 1917 Death of Adelaide, age 94, Twins bodies moved to White Plains Baptist Church, Adelaide buried there with Twins

January 25, 1951 Death of Robert Bunker, last living child of Twins (Eng)

1956 Eng Bunker homeplace destroyed by fire