The Mayberry Confidential

  • The 2017 Mayberry Confidential is still available!  Be sure to pick up a copy or download online. This collectible newspaper includes the complete Mayberry Days schedule as well as Surry Arts Council shows, concerts, programs and other events in the 2017-2018 season, along with sponsors and event ticket information.

    Printed copies are at locations throughout Mount Airy including the Andy Griffith Playhouse, Andy Griffith Museum, Historic Earle Theatre, and the Visitors Center downtown.

    Remember that the Mayberry Days sponsors help support the festival, so be sure to pay them a visit and tell them "Thanks for supporting the Mayberry Days in the Mayberry Confidential!"

    Page 1 Cover

    Page 2 SAC Programs

    Page 3 Mount Airy Old-Time

    Page 4 Advertisers

    Page 5 Blue Ridge & Beyond 2017-18

    Page 6 Advertisers

    Page 7 SAC Shows & Events 2017-18

    Page 8 Advertisers

    Page 9 SAC Shows & Events 2017-18

    Page 10 Advertisers

    Page 11 SAC Shows & Events 2017-18

    Page 12 Advertisers

    Page 13 SAC Shows & Events 2017-18

    Page 14 Downtown Mount Airy & Festivals

    Page 15 Shows & Events 2017-18 and SAC Donors

    Page 16 Advertisers

    Page 17 Advertisers

    Page 18 Advertisers

    Page 19 Youth Art Experiences

    Page 20 Live Theatre

    Page 21 Siamese Twins Exhibit

    Page 22 Andy Griffith Museum

    Page 23 Mayberry Days Schedule

    Page 24 Mayberry Days Schedule

    Page 25 Mayberry Days Schedule

    Page 26 Mayberry Days Schedule

    Page 27 Maps and Directions

    Page 28 Advertisers